Just like the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution; the Technological Age has brought many advances to the way humans think, act and communicate. The digital age has wired every human to the most abundant and powerful source of empowerment that human history has ever conceived. For this reason the Technological Age proves to be one of the most important advances in human progress. Thus it is clear that the Internet is an integral part of human life.
The nature of the web is comparable to a massive sponge. It is in essence the proverbial tree of knowledge. It's growth and inclusion of massive amounts of data is limitless, an expansive matrix of millions of documents, ideas, images, books, movies, music etc. As humans hunger and feast off instant access to information and content the matrix of data included on the web grows exponentially. It has come to a point in the growth of this vast array of content that there is really nothing that can't be found. The power of tools such as wikipedia, blogging and other innovations has only made this content more readily available to the public.
The Green Pig Theory is in essence this very fact. Coined by Lev Kolobov and David D., the Green Pig Theory states that no matter what your thoughts are, most likely the very same thought or idea has already been placed in the web of knowledge or at the very moment you are thinking it most likely someone is doing the same. To test the theory take any random thought that comes to mind, an idea, a feeling, a concept (be selective about the keywords you use) and simply Google it. Mostly 99.9% of the time, no matter the subject matter, you are bound to find something germane to the topic you picked. In Lev and David's case, green pig happened to be the most random thought possible. One day in the office while both were deliberating on the mass complexity of the web, it became clear that their involvement in such a grand system is marvelous. The thought then turned to you can find virtually anything on the web and to prove them point a random example was brought up. Lev declared instantly "green pig"! This was followed by a web search which turned up hundreds of green pig links, images etc. For this reason the theory has in effect been branded - Green Pig Theory!